Register is a service that connects buyers and sellers of steel products & steel mill equipment.
As a member you will have an access to over 1500 other members (companies involved in production of steel, trade and manufacturing).
Each registered member is the actual person responsible for the company sales or purchases. Every Member on our site has the description of his business profile, e-mail address and phone number to allow you to contact him at any time.

The membership fee is only 50.00 USD for 3 months & 150.00 USD for 12 months. We will notify you about activation of your account the same day.

Review the details of features of

  • Use our search engine in the database of all members to find products and services.
  • Receive full, unlimited access to PERSON-TO-PERSON contact information.
  • ADD UNLIMITED number of listings (listings are active for 60 days).
  • MODIFY your listings.
  • Each listing can include text description as well as one image.
  • Delete listings.
  • Change your company information.
  • Filters - add keywords representing your interests, You will receive an e-mail notification whenever new postings containing your keywords are made.
  • Subscription to the newsletter. You will receive all of our update information and much more.
  • If your company has a Web Site we will have a link to it on the main page for up to 2 months.
  • Promote your company to visitors of in our "Trade Show" & "News from our Viewers" sections.
  • Unlimited access to "Ask the Expert" section.
  • The logo of your company can be displayed in the right column of our Website for three or twelve months (according to your membership).

IMPORTANT: to be able to use your account, you must have COOKIES enabled














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