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T. Sendzimir, Inc. - Stainless Steel Industry - New Products
GMB INDUSTRIES - Steel Mill Cooling Beds
Morgan Construction Company - world leader in rolling mill technology.
Abbey Etna Machine Company - custom tailored tube and pipe mill lines.
NAC - designs and manufactures machinery for the tube and pipe industry.
DEXIN Roll Co. Ltd., produces mill rolls for variety mill machines.
Tube-Mac Industries Leaders in Quality Non-Welded Hydraulic and Lubrication Piping Systems

Hatch Beddows - consulting and systems services to the Steel Industry.

Steel Production
Members of The Canadian Steel Producers Association
Polish Steel Industry - Poduction, Equipment & Service
Iran Steel Center - Producers, Consultants, Contractors, Traders
ADI Treatments Ltd, the experts in Austempered Ductile Iron manufacturing.








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