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Tube-MacŪ Industries
Tube-Mac Industries (TMIŪ) is a progressive company built on quality and integrity, committed to supplying the finest non-welded piping systems and services on the market today.
TMIŪ is propelled by a complete understanding of piping projects on-land and offshore.
Non-Welded Piping Technologies TMIŪ utilizes technologically advanced, non-welded flanged and coupling systems as a cost-effective alternative to welded piping systems. With high labour costs and inadequate cleanliness, there is no valid reason why piping systems should be installed in the same way as they were 50 years ago.
TMIŪ non-welded piping systems take less time to install and oil flush than conventional welded piping systems that have been acid pickled and oil flushed, thus resulting in an overall cost savings of 35%-45%.

In addition, benefits of TMI’s non-welded piping systems include the following:
  • No skilled labour or hot work permits required
  • Fast and easy installation, repair and maintenance
  • Stress-free and leak-free, non-welded connections
  • Field bent pipe reduces component cost, as well as system pressure drop
  • No X-ray required
  • Reduced flushing time
  • Environmentally friendly, no acid pickling required
  • No added cost for the disposal of chemical cleaning solutions
  • The system fluid will be used in the flushing procedure and will remain in the system for operation
  • Guaranteed cleanliness

  • TMIŪ 37° Flare Flange System
  • TMIŪ Retain Ring Flange System
  • TMIŪ PYPLOKŪ, Mechanically Attached Fittings
  • Clamp Assemblies
  • Ball Valves
  • Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings
  • Tooling
  • Services

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Tube-MacŪ Industries
853 Arvin Avenue
Stoney Creek, Ontario
L8E 5N8 Canada
Tel. 1-877-643-8823
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