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DEXIN Roll Co. Ltd.,
DEXIN Roll Co. Ltd., one of the largest professional roll makers in P. R. China, is located in Beijing.
It covers an area of 80,000 square meters, and 20,000 square meters of which are production facility. With advanced and perfect design and technology, DEXIN is equipped with all equipment to manufacture various medium and small size cast steel and iron rolls and ring rolls. Meanwhile taking the world advanced inspection and quality control instruments and the quality control management system, from raw materials to processes, every key point is strictly controlled for all products. DEXIN already has 128 customers both at home and abroad, and enjoys very good reputation. The business concept of DEXIN is to develop, manufacture and market advanced and high quality rolls for the steel industry, abide by contract and provide a comprehensive after sales service to all our customers.

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DEXIN Roll Co. Ltd.,
6-2-410 No. 3, Wang Jing Zhong Huan Nan Lu
Beijing P. R.
China (100102)
Tel. (8610) 64727609, Fax - (8610) 64722695
E-mail -
Internet -

Production Information

Annual Capacity
Total 6 series:
A. Alloy cast steel rolls
B. Adamite rolls
C. Graphite steel rolls
D. Nodular indefinite chilled cast iron rolls
E. Acicular nodular cast iron rolls
F. Centrifugal double poured rolls and ring rolls
Diameter of rolls: 200 - 1200 mm (Barrel)
Diameter of ring rolls: 250 - 1600mm

Foundry Equipment
6 Units of induction furnaces: 0.5T, 0.75T, 1T x2, 5T, 10T,
(The 10t furnace is a medium frequency converting induction furnace newly imported from Pillar, U.S.A.)

7 Units of centrifugal casting machines:
1200 mm, 800 mm, 400 mm x3, 300 mm x2

3 Units of electric heat treatment furnaces: 1100x2, 800x1

1 Unit of quenching machines

Machining equipment
65 units in total
Heavy lathe machines: C84125, C61125
CNC vertical lathe: 5116E
Planer type milling machine: X2010
Cylinder grinding machines: M84100

Inspection instruments
Direct reading spectrum analyzer ---- Baird
Simultaneous high carbon & sulfur determinator ---- Leco
Metallurgical microscope & Image Analysis System ---- Olympus

The business concept of DEXIN is to develop, manufacture and market advanced and high quality rolls for the steel industry.








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