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T. Sendzimir, Inc.
T. Sendzimir, Inc., is a revolutionary engineering firm dedicated to the improvement of rolling processes. In the late 1940s, the company accelerated development of the stainless steel industry through its invention of the Sendzimir cluster mill. In the 1970s, introduction of the Z-High® Mill permitted 4-High owners to realize many of the benefits of the cluster mill by retrofitting their existing reversing 4-Highs. Over the past 50 years, Sendzimir has been granted nearly 100 patents.
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Some of the major ancillary products available through T. Sendzimir, Inc. are:

The Flexpivot Tensiometer
The original air-loaded tensiometer was developed in the late 1940s. The design was very clever, as it established a pivot center for the deflector roll assembly whereby the unit gave output signal almost independent of wrap angle. The geometry of this tensiometer has withstood the test of time, and most modernized versions simply replace the air cylinders or "pots" with load cells, and in some cases apply wrap angle compensation to the output of the load cells.

Reverse Pyramid Winder Mandrels
Sendzimir offers both solid block and reverse pyramid winder mandrels, but only the latter is a Sendzimir invention. Based on the 1950s design for a collapsible winder, the reverse pyramid winder mandrel is unique in its ability to tolerate extremely high tensions. The critical components are made of forged, heat-treated alloy steel. The operating parts comprise a series of segments mounted on a shaft that is rotated by a hydraulic cylinder, causing expansion and collapse of the mandrel.

Mill Management System (MMS)
The MMS is a set of computer programs used by the mill operator to calculate roll usage, pass schedules, and so on. While the MMS can run on any IBM PC-DOS or MS-DOS operating system, each software package is delivered customized for the particular mill to which it will be applied.

Sendzimir's New Shapemeter By measuring the tension in multiple zones across the strip width, Sendzimir’s shapemeter displays the actual shape of the strip, which is otherwise impossible to see when rolling strip under tension. The systems comprise extremely compact, self-contained assemblies mounted inboard of the deflector rolls. The simplicity of the design has resulted in Sendzimir being able to offer the shapemeter at a highly competitive price.








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